I am a little puzzled. I have two Wordpress-based sites hosted on Dreamhost and they often take an age to load, while the Wordpress-based site I host on a shared basis on Powweb loads pretty quickly. I’m paying for a Dreamhost VPS. What’s happening? If this doesn’t change I am going to have to look elsewhere.

Mine have been hellishly slow, too. And now, all the sites are completely down. Of course, there’s no mention of outages or slowness on the status page or twitter, which is also pretty much par for the course. You have to dig for info at DH, or just wait until they fix something and send you snarky reply emails that blame you for the lack of service.

(For instance, my VPS will occasionally just go crazy and restart, even though I get virtually no traffic. But that’s apparently my fault, according to numerous emails from “support”.)

I hear you, simguybar.

simguybar: We apologize for the trouble you’ve been experiencing. Our support team just emailed you recently. Please reply there directly with any follow-up questions/concerns you might have. Thanks!

moderngypsy: We’ve just emailed you as well. We genuinely appreciate your patience and loyalty all these years. If you’d like, you can reply to our last email with any questions/concerns and we’d be happy to address those for you. Thanks again for your patience.