Is anyone else experiencing slowness? It’s taking forever to load up my domain, both of them. I love the fact i can have more then 1 domain on the same host. I just wish the host was a little faster.

The sites that are slow.

Any ideas?

The cart-based site seems to connect slowly, but then loads pretty quickly once the connection is made. The other site seems okay. There could be some network congestion somewhere.

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I agree that the former is slow to start, then seems to speed up.

The latter site,, seems to come up fast enough, but the links at the top right point to non-existent pages (404 errors). Is it not finished?

Gene Steinberg
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Yea the michaelroark site loads up pretty good. (Not finished yet) But… The DirectPerformanceParts site is pig slow, and it’s a fresh install. Not sure what’s going on.

i guess it might have to do with some tables needing to be index

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it seems the first sites takes too much time to connect to database. If so, be careful about your sql queries. un-efficient sql queries will slow the system.

basically try to avoid join an cartesian operations.

the latter one starts pretty first… just it takes some time to load the images.

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I do hope you will forgive my frivolity, but all of us at Slow Down Now (DH hosted) site think that slow is a good thing. And it is slow week.

Nice site…I like the philosophy! :slight_smile:


Someone add that to DHSOTM…


I have the same problem with my site :

I am not experiencing any slowness at all, my site (Link in Sig) loads almost instantly on a cable connection, and on the same connection, I would agree that yours loads much slower.

I don’t know if this would have anything to do with it, maybe its the server your on? Or maybe it is the amount of traffic your recieveing, It could also be poor programming.

Are you in the UK?

I am, and right now I’m lucky if I get even anything faster than 10kb/s, and so have people in the UK I’ve asked to test.

Though people I’ve spoken with in the states have reported the usual speed, somewhere between 300-800kb/s.

its fine here. I live here in the Philippines

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I just signed up with Dreamhost (domain hasn’t propagated yet) and this all makes me a little nervous. I went to some sites I know Dreamhost hosts and just downloaded some MP3’s etc. I never could get over 25KB/sec. Is it always this slow? If so, I don’t know if I will be able to handle that. Any response would be appreciated. Thanks.

Unfortunately performance depends on a whole lot of things but I see speeds of 500k+ from most DH sites.

It could be that your server is overloaded. Look around and if you can find that someone’s not being nice - report them.