Slowly Dying - My hosting crisis! :(

Guys, when I say that no one loves Dreamhost as much as I, I truly mean that. I check the Dreamhost blog multiple times a day, I’ve told many of my friends about it, getting them to sign up, and I even intended to create an informal business relationship with you all and have the future customers of my upcoming product use Dreamhost hosting, but at the rate now, Dreamhost will surely kill me if I stay. The dilemma is simple: there’s no mod_xslt support!

Without this, I’m doing ten times the work I should be by having to manually transform XML myself with a PHP script. This so far has proven to be within practicality limits for basic functionality, but looking at my horizon of goals, I simply can not stay here any longer without the PHP4 XSLT functions.

I know you all are very overwhelmed with feature requests and haven’t much time to devote to the details of researching how to install this, so I did some research myself to perhaps illustrate the relative simplicity in implementing mod_xslt:

As with any module additions which I’m sure Dreamhost has done many a time, this installation would require one to do a ./configure again on their Apache sources with their normal Apache build parameters, but this time only adding "–enable-xslt --with-xslt-sablot " to the list. Heck, you could even reconfigure and recompile the Apache server while it’s running with a high process “niceness” so it wouldn’t use up the valuable system resources that should be devoted to doing the machine’s job. When it’s done compiling, it’d just be a matter of writing a cron job to run at midnight to stop the Apache daemon momentarily, perform the “make install”, and restart the server. The downtime would likely be only a minute or two.

For reference, here is the official website of the XSLT processor:

This post is my desperate dying plea. Nothing would make me happier than to stay with Dreamhost, but guys, without this extension, me staying is impossible. This feature has been on the Suggestion board since 2004 and I’m sure I’m not the only person who feels strongly about mod_xslt support. If you all could see me right now, I would get down on my hands and knees begging. Please help me and the others out. Please. :frowning:

Have you thought about just compiling and running your own version of PHP with the things you need?

There are instructions at the wiki.

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I was not aware this is possible. I’ll get on this right now and report back.

Thanks schweb :slight_smile: