Slowish DNS resolutions?

Using both Comcast and Qwest lines, as well as various DNS servers the resolution sometime takes 1 to 3 seconds, while other sites are lightning quick. Has anybody else noticed this or am I just nitpicking?

It seems normal to me, and I’m on Comcast.

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Yes, I have been seeing problems like this. It seems to be especially bad with the “A” records that I have set up in our DNS (e.g. my internal mail server) – the DreamHost-created A-records get a quicker response. Some DNS request time out completely. This is a problem that appears to cause incoming mail queues to get stuck. We are having trouble receiving mail from some domains, e.g. and… this has been a problem ever since the DDOS attack 12/12.

I’m having the same problems on all of my domains hosted with DH (and have noticed it with friends DH hosting as well). From what I can tell, it appears to be DH DNS servers timing out. I’ve been looking into it all morning since it’s been one of my deciding factors of leaving DH to go with someone more reilable.

I’ve been running the DNS Timing script that DNSStuff ( has and DH’s DNS servers have been timing out intermittently and causing large delays in resolving of my domain names.

I put in a support ticket this morning, we’ll see what comes of it.

Other than this small issue, DH has been absolutely great!