Slowing down today?

Just wondering if anyone else is seeing a slowing down of their sites today? Since the catastrophe of the power loss a few weeks ago, and the apology from the big cheese at DH, our site has been running like lightening and we’ve been mega pleased. We were hoping this would continue but today it’s slowed again - not massively, but worryingly so!

Anyone know if this is linked to the DoS attack or just general increase of traffic?

My site is not connecting at all. I’ve been working on it all day and then suddenly I get an error message saying the connection has timed out. So frustrating! I hope it comes back up soon.
Wouldn’t you know it, as soon as I posted it came back up. yay!

I just signed up for Dreamhost on Friday night. The client site that I migrated over was loading really fast Saturday-Sunday but it started slowing down on yesterday, and today is even worse! I was even receiving 505 Server Errors this afternoon.

It’s a Wordpress website and DH is claiming that this website with only 5 or so pages and 3 blog posts is hitting the memory limit. I understand that Wordpress sites may strain the resources, but this site hasn’t even gone live.

The site is located on their Virginia Data Center. Where are your sites located?

I am noticing a lot of general slowing over the past few days, but not just DH sites. More of the massive DDOS (Stophaus v Cloudflare) activity from last week?