I recently changed hosts, i paid for the whole year here because i didnt want to pay for a setup fee. All the members on my forum are complaining about how slow my site has become! I need faster speeds but i spent so long changing my host, im not prepared to do it again. What can i do about this!


I have not been able to locate your account, can you repost here with your domain and also submit a support request via the web panel with as much detail as possible about the situation, such as: is the site slower at certain times? What software are you using? Are static html sites slow or just cgi scripts? Response times in general should not be slow, so lets get your site running smoothly.


My PHP-based sites also were really slow when I first joined. We’re part of the rush to take advantage of the huge amount of space for not a ton of money.

Nowadays, my speed’s fine. Dunno why, but it was within the 91 days I had to request a refund.



Im using a IPB forum, its really slow.



Replied to this message via the support section. Should be better now.