Slow..... (Zen-photo)



First time poster on the boards, been a DreamHost user since January of this year.

I’ve been having some trouble lately with slowness on my sites. I sent in a support ticket yesterday and I am waiting to hear back.

However this morning it seems to be really bad, the main page won’t even come up. These are zen-photo galleries, I see that I am on the server megaman. (account tests in the control panel show that megaman is always under high load)

For example: - My browser says waiting for…

Pings return just fine as well as traceroutes:
Reply from bytes=32 time=112ms TTL=42

Using a third party monitoring company you get the same results: - Try the first test. When it tests a working site, you’ll see a breakdown of all the page images and components.

Is anyone else experiencing these same problems?


You should open a support ticket for this. I cannot access your site, yet my own sites are working just fine. There is probably an issue at the DreamHost end.

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Hey thanks for checking it out… Hopefully I will hear something back soon.


We are having the same problem since saturday-sunday. Apparently is related to this: