SLOW Wordpress Site

We are running a wordpress site. Roughly 1000 page views a day, so not a lot of traffic.

It is dreadfully slow. Painfully so. 7-12 second page load times.

Anyone else have issues with lack of resources/memory allocated by Dreamhost for shared hosting?

Anyone experience better performance with VPS? Is it worth it for VPS.

[Note, please, no comments of ‘that’s what you get with shared hosting’. Please go somewhere else if that’s all you have to say.]

Which domain are you referring to? We can investigate possible reasons for slowness. Also, were you experiencing extreme slowness before we started maintenance on your server “alouettes”?

It’s partly related to the move, I think.

I am not getting Internal Server Errors - no doubt because of the move.

I have put 3 support requests in the last 24 hours with NO RESPONSE.

There are no updates in regards to Alouettes in the last 24 hours.

Please advise as to what is going on with Alouettes.

Please respond to the support requests.

(And, it wasn’t great before either).

I apologize for the downtime you have been experience and the delay in a response from our Support Team.
We are currently moving your server “Alouettes” to new hardware. I completely understand your frustration and our team and admins are aware of the situation and are working to get it resolved as soon as possible.
We do try to keep you as updated as possible via your Panel here:
That will display the current status of the move.
Once again I apologize for the downtime and thank you for your patience.

Thanks for replying.

We had a major launch yesterday that was torpedoed by the server downtime. Especially problematic after your support message in the panel indicated that you were mostly back up.

The updating of the support message took 24 HOURS!

When something like this is going on, more communication with your customers would be helpful. This is a constant problem with DH (see your as an example of slow updates).

I understand that stuff happens, but please keep us informed.

FYI, loads are still high on alouettes.

Thank you for being understanding.
I completely agree with you regarding us informing you about expected downtime on your sites and server moves.
It is something we are working on improving and your feedback is extremely valuable to us!
We are still working alouettes so the server load is going to be high for a little bit longer.
Thank you so much for your continued patience!