Slow Wordpress Site

I am having trouble with my WordPress site ( intermittently taking a minute or more to load a page.

I am running WP 3.41, self installed.

Ping times are good, < 40ms.

I have tried the following:

[]Disabled all WP Plugins
]Installed WP Super cache (The problem seems to even occur on cached pages)
[*]Connected from my home in Portland, OR (Frontier FIOS) using Chrome and IE. I have also replicated the problem from IE running on a Citrix server in Tustin, CA (AT&T business class connection)

Is there anything else I can try? Does anyone know of a WP plugin that will log load times of various parts of page loads? (DB Requests, php processing time, widgets, etc)

We went a head and looked into the health of your web and mysql servers as well as their usage, and weren’t able to find anything obvious at the moment. I think if you take a look at these may help you with the optimization of your site for performance:

If nothing improves, please contact support here with the results of a traceroute to your site as soon as you notice a bout of slowness:

Hope that helps,
Matt C