Slow website since power outage?

Anyone else notice websites are running very very slow now? Im on Yen i belive and every since the power went out the sites are slow to load or do anything? Whats the problem? By the way, my forums are very slow now which are on mysql’s databases.

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The databases are just being slow. It’ll probably get better soon. Give it an another day.

Ok cool. I just hope soon lol because the sites are also erroring out.

mySQL error: Lost connection to MySQL server during query
mySQL error code:
Date: Tuesday 13th of September 2005 08:35:21 AM Deals & Coupon Codes. Why Pay Retail?

My mySQL sites are running very slowly.

the Email is probably backed up. <<edit: by backed up, I mean, I’ve received very little email since all the sites went down. I think mail sent during the power outage may have been lost to the ether…

But more is working than not as of this hour.

I have the exact same problem.

All my web site (5) are running super slow.

I’m in since march, and it never been so slow.

Email server is very slow too, but that’s not new.

I’ve noticed it too. I’ve done a bit of digging around, and it seems that many sites with hosting in California are sluggish. It may be that parts of the backbone are slow returning to normal. The database servers were slower to come back up yesterday, but that doesn’t seem to be the problem now.

I’m more concerned about the possibility of missing email, to be honest.

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If the sending mail servers are doing their job, they will keep trying to send the emails every few hours if the receiving (Dreamhost’s) mail server isn’t responding. Since DH mail servers were positively out of commission, you should be getting a trickle of the emails sent your way during the blackout period. Unless the mail servers completely dropped the ball, you should not have lost any incoming emails.

my site is extremely slow as well - since yesterday afternoon. I’m getting time out errors from mysql too (losing members I’m sure)!

Same for me as everyone else. My site is very very slow and I have had losses of MySQL connections throughout the afternoon (my time) as well. I do hope it clears up soon, its crippling!

We are aware of the problems you are seeing with slow websites and slow MySQL access. We are actively working on it right now and expect to have everything back to normal very soon.

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That’s good, because all my database-driven sites are performing terribly right now. It is definitely a database problem on top of whatever else, for whoever said above that it wasn’t.

ok, not really… still slow but speeding up alittle

Mine are still creeping along, even the ones that don’t connect to a db.

Edited to say: I’m in the Ohio Valley, so it might be a distance thing.

it was fast for a bit this morning, but no back to slower than ever… I sure hope a fix is in the works soon!

mine are moving along ok. mySQL databases still slow, but not as bad as yesterday.

I noticed a lot of wonky connection speeds at sites visited yesterday. I am on the east coast. Got slow connections, hangups at sites probably hosted on west coast, or LA siites directly affected by the power outage. Anyone else have trouble getting on to Google yesterday?

I need to do some database installations/conversions and am wondering if I should put it off a little longer. hmmmmm.

Mine aren’t as slow as yesterday neither, but you still can’t call it as it was…

Update: Tuesday, 9/13/05 3:11PM PDT… our core router is having issues (most likely related to the power outage) and we’re experiencing noticeable packet loss and latency increases to a lot of our customers…

We’re working on it as hard as we can, we’ll update as soon as we have more news. Deals & Coupon Codes. Why Pay Retail?

still very slow. i’m getting errors as well. my IM is just blinking wildly as all site members are complaining and asking what’s up… hmmm

Yeah, same here.
I guess the only thing we can do is be patient.

It seems they are quite cool about it: