Slow webmail


Ever since I’ve made a lot of IMAP folders to file my mail webmail has been unusable for me: it takes minutes to even log in and display any mail or folder. I switched to the Roundcube webmail (will this ever get out of beta?) and now it logs in fast but everything else is still unusable slow. Can this be solved? Should I not make my folders to file on the IMAP server but on my local computer? I would like them to be on the server though so that I can reach them wherever I am…


You can sync to your PC and keep the emails on the server. If you use a client that’s available in a fully portable mode (such as Thunderbird) you can install it on a USB stick and carry it wherever you go.

Check it out :wink:

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And, no, it can’t easily be solved. Webmail for HUGE folders is painfully slow. It appears that it has to process the entire folder each time you revisit webmail.


That’s too bad. Thanks for the replies though.