Slow upload times?

my site’s hosted on the dozer machine, and i’ve been having trouble for a few weeks now in uploading files… i’m on a t1 connection at school, and i’m getting upload speeds of less than 1kb/s! it isn’t my connection nor ftp program because i’ve tried connecting to other ftp servers and the upload speeds are fine. this happened all of a sudden. it’s taken me about 2 hours to upload 60 pictures…

What does a traceroute look like (from your machine to

If you’re on a Windows / Dos machine, go to a prompt and type:

If you’re on a Mac (running OS 9), you’ll need to download a utility to let you do this.

In OSX, you can just run traceroute from the command line (it should be in /usr/sbin).

it takes me 14 hops to get to dreamhost at 99ms… ouch!

That’s not too bad, it takes me 22 hops over 144ms – but I’m the other side of the big pond. :slight_smile:

My lag is in crossing that rather big pond, but it’s nothing really noticeable:

16 ( 8.397 ms 9.096 ms 8.110 ms 17 ( 81.616 ms 81.150 ms 81.797 ms - wil