SLOW support?

Just wondering if anyone else has had VERY slow response time on support. I’ve had 4 or 5 support issues over the past couple of weeks, ALL of them have taken almost 24 hours if not longer to get a response back. Some were weird issues, but some seem liked a very basic issue, like setting up a anonymous FTP.

I love that DreamHost is adding new features, but maybe they should add more support people BEFORE adding these new features?

Is anyone else as frustrated as me about this?

Nope, not too many people are that frustrated. Support tries to respond within 24 hours, so that’s typical. There’s probably a lot of tickets in the queue. The Contact Support page in the panel shows how many open tickets there are.


We are always hiring new support people. We have added 5 new support people in the last month and are about to offer the position to a few more as well. We also had another admin/programmer start this month and have a couple more starting in a few weeks at the beginning of the year. My goal is to have a 5-hour average response time for support messages by the time the recent hires are fully up to speed (1-2 months). As you can imagine building out a company as quickly as we are takes quite a bit of planning.

We have also had some of our top techs really focusing on preventing server crashes caused by things like comment spam or horribly inefficient scripts. (Doing this without just setting hard cpu limit restrictions or disabling clueless users adds a lot of extra time to the solutions. There is a lot of training customers on how to optimize their scripts and set up proper robots.txt files, etc.) This work though has brought about a measurable increase in server stability. There has also been a lot of work to improve mysql server performance through indexing of customer tables and training them on how to not waste database resources.

This has taken some time away from answering direct incoming support, but with all the new employees and once the stability and performance work dies down a little as it reaches a steady state, support should be in a very good position.

This is all being accomplished while also significantly increasing what each plan comes with, which means a similar rapid build out of our data center. We are open to advice and have set these priorities based on customer feedback. I agree that faster support responses should be a priority. With no financial or public relations constraints it would for sure be an easier problem to solve, but the key is to provide it all at the low prices that customers also want, and you can rest assured that we are working furiously to accomplish that.

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