Slow & Sporadic FTP Connection

I’ve been with Dreamhost for a while now and, until recently, haven’t had any issues connecting to my site through FTP. But it has become slow and sporadic now. I’ve tried more than one FTP client (Mac OS 10.4.11) and all are slow to transfer and are disconnected frequently. After reading the Dreamhost Wiki, I tried using SFTP and connecting to, but that simply disconnects me as soon as I connect. WebFTP seems to work with no problems, so what gives?

I also tried the ‘uptime’ command after reading through this forum, and I found that the average server load is between 11 and 12! Isn’t that high? Can I do anything about it, or does it just indicate that there are too many high-traffic sites sharing the same server?

I have no problem going to support over this, but I want to make sure there’s nothing I can do on my end. Thanks for any help.

For SFTP, make sure your user has it enabled in the panel (Edit User). No need to connect to myservername; just use your domain name.

A load of 11 to 12 is excessive. Something’s wrong and you should file a Suppport ticket.


I’m having the same problems on batman. today is really bad. almost acts like its under attack or something. Can’t even get into my support in the CP so I came over here.

The panel is a separate entity from your website. If you can’t get into the panel, then something else is wrong. Right now, the panel is working for me.