Slow Speeds


I was wondering if anyone else is getting crazy slow speeds when downloading files from Dreamhost? I never seem to get above 20KB/s

For instance, when downloading this file :

Getting 1.2 Mb/sec using your url.


I’m averaging around 500 kbit/sec from the Philadelphia area, although I can get 20 times that speed from my ISP.

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400k/s from Germany, 400k/s from Texas, 450k/s from New York, 2.5mbyte/s with multiple connections.

I am on a 10 mbps and getting the full speed (1.3MB/sec), however I am getting slow speeds when downloading off my website close to 50-150 kb/s (using The Internet Download Mnager), should be 1.3 MB/sec . When downloading with firefox I am only getting 20 kb/s. Not sure what is up but server is also really slow. something must be up on dreamhost or something