Slow Speeds


Same here got account yesterday

It is very very slow and keep getting timeouts trying to upload


Same here, slow speeds


It seems like my site is running well again. Thanks for whatever you did. In case it matters, I’m on “jezebel”.


Not me, my site is still running slow or is even down. I keep getting “no connection” errors when trying to reach it.

This is certainly not a good impression of Dreamhost for me :frowning:


And I assume you were either never expecting DreamHost to have hardware issues, or that these hardware issues would affect everyone but you? They’re working it, that’s a good enough impression for me.


While I appreciate your condescension, no, I would expect everyone to have some downtime. However I’m a little disappointed that this downtime is going on 24 hours right now.

As far as being a bad first impression, regardless of whether you like it or not, it is. If you sign up with a provider and the first thing that happens is a 24 hours downtime, then that is a bad first impression.

I’m not saying that I’m leaving, or expecting it to happen often, but if you can’t even admit that it is a bad first impression for a new customer, then you’re delusional.


I’m not delusional. I just expect and forgive the unexpected. These things happen to all hosting companies. And, ironically due to individuals always signing up for new accounts, they happen right after at least one individual signs up for a new account. This is similar to the “someone has to be first” fact.


I am still getting slow speeds and uploading isnt working properly…

I thought they fixed it…

Is any1 else still experiencing the problems.


No, mine seems to be humming along fine. I’ve been having on and off problems with the MySQL server but those seem to be clearing up also.

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