Slow, slower, stopped

I’m working on a site and for the last two days it’s been extremely slow. Today I’ve been getting “500 Error” messages. I’m not techy at all, so I’m clueless as to what might be causing this or where to look for help. Can someone please (pretty please) help me out.

The site is at

Edited: Geesh, now I really messed it up. I upgraded Genesis and it wiped it out. I thought that since I was using a child theme it was okay to update Genesis, but apparently I was wrong.

Hi Beth,

I looked into your issue and I see that the server load on “stewart” is a tad high. Our Admins are working on getting everything restored as fast as possible. If you notice that you are still running into the same issues within the hour please send our support team a ticket here or get in touch with our Live Chat support

If you should have any other questions please do not hesitate to ask us here or even hit us up on twitter @DreamHostCare

Matt C
DreamHost Staff

Thanks Matt. It’s still slow, but no more 500 errors. I’ll submit a support ticket.

I too am having the same problem. The site is being developed in a sub directory which I’m told should be no problem. It seemed fine until about 3 days ago, now even the wordpress login page takes forever to come up. The site is-
It’s not done yet so broken links still, etc…
any help regarding the extreme sluggishness would be appreciated.

I checked out, and sure enough - it was suuuuper slow to load. :confused: Looks like there were some hung processes on the Apache service your site is hosted on that were slowing down your site. I went ahead and restarted that service for you, and is now loading blazing fast for me! I sent a follow-up email to the primary email address on the account for that site. Please reply there directly if you need anything else!

wow that was fast, thanks so much. Didn’t have to open a support ticket or anything, and within hours it was solved without hesitation or complication. Thanks so much,

You aren’t the only person having problems. I’ve been battling the load time on my site now for over a week. And it is has gotten progressively worse. Truth be told, I’ve always thought the load times for their servers were a bit sluggish… at least the one I am on.

The only major change that occured was the upgrade to the latest version of WordPress and any subsequent plugins. Other than that, it my site has remained unchanged in almost a year as far as plugins and layout.

But I’ve filed a complaint because my site intermittently takes anywhere from 10s to over a minute to load. I get the occassional 500 errors and if I need to update an option on the backend of WordPress… well I had better go find something else to do after I hit save. It takes several minutes to load and update the database.

First I was told that I was using too many resources… too much memory. Um… alright. My site gets about as much traffic as a four way stop in the middle of North Dakota… but okay. I’ll bite…

Next they tell me it is a hung process on Apache. They restarted it.

Next they tell me that it is my site slowing things down because of all my plugins installed and that I need to install W3-Total-Cache… I had this installed before. It made no difference (yes all appropriate headers, etc were on my files and it was caching correctly). Matter of fact… having the plugin installed actually made things worse.

Next, after telling them this, the tell me yet again that a process had hung on Apache and have to restart it.

The kicker?

My other domain that HAD a naked install of WordPress installed took just as long to load with no plugins enabled and left with the default theme.

This is getting a bit old. My hosting is up for renewal soon. I’m half tempted to give my money to or Typepad and just get paid accounts through them. All I’m doing is hosting my blog anyway. I just don’t see how a hosting company can’t handle a simple blog on a website and render it properly when others manage to do it flawlessly. I wanted the freedom that comes with having your own hosting account (FTP, etc) … but even then that doesn’t seem worth it if my site doesn’t load.

Same issue here, both the admin panel in Wordpress and the site itself are amazingly slow.
I tried to deactivate all the plugins with no avail, then I reactivated some of them.
Doing so I updated Jetpack and a message says “Jetpack could not contact register_http_request_failed. This usually means something is incorrectly configured on your web host. Operation timed out after 15007 milliseconds with 0 bytes received”.

What should I do? The site is

Samara, if this is still happening, open up a ticket with us to take a look. Your site is running fine for me right now, but if it’s still dragging here and there, we can kick the server to see if a lingering process is clinging on.

The administration part is really slow and I still get the same error message when I try to re-activate the jetpack.
I’m going to open a ticket, thanks!