Slow Slow Slow

Our site is very slow to show and to edit using Wordpress theme. I hear this from multiple viewers too, so it not only on my side. Any suggestions how we can get it to load much quicker?


It’s a broad answer because it’s a broad question. I scanned you at and it indicated you’re not using browser caching or gzip. We have some docs to help you with that:

Also you have a high number of plugins that you may not really want to use. wp-db-backup, while a good plugin, can slow your site down because you’re asking WordPress to back itself up. A cron job to run backups may be better. Also wp-statistics may not be helping. Bascially you’re going to need to remove all non-essential plugins and see if that speeds things up.

BTW, you have a lot of unused themes. You should remove them for security.

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