Slow sites

any one elses sites are slow in the last 24 hrs ???

I’m on

Acrtuallyo, mine are all really good right now…what is the url to your site?

My sites have been very good since the last round of hardware updates, no complaints here.


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yeah, I see your point…too slow to be usable for me. You do realized that your index page is never gonna be “fast”, given the hugh table construct used for those thumbs, right?

That said, the thing is not running very well…loading an individual small image is painfully slow.

edited: I had to remove a stupid comment - wasn’t thinking straight - the is no code on individual pages - just image is served. Doh!


Your site is slow for me too, took around 3 minutes to load the entire page, as rlparker said that table layout doesn’t help either.

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it was all ok till thursday

the sever is all ok just the download speeds

not just from my connection but other places around the world

and the ping rates are high

I just tried your site and it’s very fast right now.

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