Slow sites work

Everythings slow, my sites hosted on Lira.

I tried telneting its dreadfully slow, I have no users except my self on my site.

Website is really slow, I did a tracert and pulled the following:

Post a link to your site so a few of us can check it out.

Hi, I advise you to test your website on Google PageSpeed Insights.
Also small recommendations:

  1. Combine and minify CSS and JAVASCRIPT files;
  2. Use PHP v7.x
  3. Use CDN;
  4. Use DreamPress cache and other caching methods if you use CMS.

you should install litespeed cache it will really help you.

I also face this problem on my site but when I saw your post and read all community comments. It’s really helpful for me to optimize my website by using this method which they are saying. Now my site speed is good. I appreciate your and community members’ work. I solve my problem with time. Thanks

you should first use optimise the css code and html if the site on wordpress then i reccomend to you use wp-rocket and autooptimoze for that boost yor site speed and rank on google as soon as possible .

Took a while on my phone. Have you tried checking Google’s pagespeed insights or maybe running it through a tester like pingdom? Might help see where your bottlenecks are.

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This post was flagged by the community and is temporarily hidden.