Slow Site

Hello Everyone,

I’ve been a customer of Dreamhost since February. Up until April everything has been working wonderfully, but recently the site has become very slow. No changes have been made to the scripts and the access patterns of the site visitors as well as the number of page requests have not changed.

The most popular area of the site is the phpBB forum and not surprisingly the most commonly accessed page is viewtopic.php(phpBB script). On this page we have on average 1,480,136 requests per month, and for the entire site we have on average 13,951,350(including images) requests per month.

Does anyone have a similar setup and traffic load as this site, and if so have you had any problems with speed or stability?

Thank you,


Contact support. Hop onto the shell and run top so you can provide load numbers; then either ask support to either investigate the cause of the load or move you to another server.
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