Slow site loading

Hi guys, my wordpress site is running very slow at the moment and I can’t work out why. I have hardly any plugins active and have updated everything that needed to be updated. The only thing I can think is that i have installed DMS into my site - could that be what’s slowing it down? I installed that a few months ago and it has never been as slow as it is now.
help please!

What’s the site? If I can find anything that might be causing the slow load I can let you know!
cheers! I’m new to this so have probably missed something very obvious!

Thanks for letting me know! It seems a site on another account is slamming the shared Apache instance you’re on. Our server admins are looking into it; Should be resolved soon!
Taken care of! Is it looking better on your end?

Thanks so much guys I appreciate it! This has been driving me crazy thinking I’d done something wrong
i think it’s all fixed. thanks dreamhost team you’re legends!