Slow site->last effort before switching hosts

When DreamHost had all of their switch issues 1-2 months ago, I looked into a new web host. It’s been a pain, but I now have all of my domains set up on the new host. I would still rather stay with DreamHost. They have a better control panel, wiki, etc. However, the new host is 2-4X faster at serving my web sites. The exact same files, db, scripts, etc. Speed is king, especially when DH takes 5+ seconds to serve up a simple WordPress blog. I’ve contacted DH support and they say my database server is working great. Well, it’s not. I would even spend 2X more money for a faster site. Any recommendations?


Example DH site:
Same site on new host:

Yeah, I have a recommendation. Since you assert that “Speed is king”, and the new host is 2-4x faster, who cares about the control panel and wiki? Google can help you with any stuff you’d use the wiki for.

Plus, considering the fact that you’ve already set up the domains, files, db, and scripts, I think you’ve got a pretty simple choice to make.

Check ya later! I’ll be sticking with DH

As will I :slight_smile:

I can’t say I’ve had too many speed issues with my sites, except during the network problems a month or so ago.

The panel has been slow for me in the past, but even that had improved dramatically recently.


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