Slow site, can't cache. reduce server response time?

Hi friends,

I’m trying to figure out how to improve server response time with my membership site.

Some background info:

  • new, low traffic site on DH’s shared hosting
  • I have a child theme built off Base Station running the Zurb Foundation 4 framework
  • I use two main plugins, MemberMouse and bbPress
  • bbPress runs super slow

Here’s what I’ve tested so far:

  • activated default 2014 theme, removed all plugins, decent loading time
  • slow 5-7s load times with current theme, membership plugin activated (membermouse), and no bbPress
  • REALLY slow 25-40s load times when bbPress activated

I’ve tried several caching plugins, but caching plugins don’t play nicely with either bbPress or MemberMouse. Caching the rest of the site is pointless because there’s hardly any content on the non-MemberMouse and non-bbPress pages. I’ve added Lite Cache which does its job, but again, bbPress is the issue here.

After running the site through and google pagespeed, I deduced that I need to defer / minify my CSS and JS files (not doable, again, considering the two main plugins I’m using), and reduce my server response time.

Considering that everything breaks when I go the cache / defer js / minify everything route, I want to figure out how to reduce my server response time. (I should add that the delay happens when waiting for the server to respond. Once the server responds, page loads FAST. Tested using Safari’s web dev tools in browser)

I understand I’m on shared hosting, but 25-40s response times per page seems a bit ridiculous.

So, suggestions on how I can reduce my server response time?

Hi all,

Did a bit more research. Made sure it wasn’t any of the other plugins slowing my site down, and that doesn’t seem to be the case as I disabled all except bbPress.

Could it be bbPress itself? Was considering testing out MyBB, but I’d rather avoid another migration seeing as though I just finished this one.

Adding Lite Cache might’ve helped load times a little; I noticed on some pages, load times are 10-15s instead of 25-40s… still not great, but at this point, I’ll take anything.

Would you guys suggest I try anything else? Can any DH staff / WP experts take a peek under my hood?

Ask support to check your apache instance and see if this is your problem.

Aaaactually. You MAY be able to use Pagespeed on the server to do this. it minifies and caches JUST the JS in a way that is friendly to at least bbPress. I should know, I use it :slight_smile: This can be hit or miss, though. Sometimes it tanks things up :confused:

Hi friends,

Ran the TOP command via ssh, and this is my output (mostly unchanging)

9106 effortle 20 0 139m 33m 8216 S 0 0.2 1:05.13 php5.cgi
14880 effortle 20 0 232m 44m 8208 S 0 0.3 0:18.46 php53.cgi
16578 effortle 20 0 139m 33m 8092 S 0 0.2 0:19.11 php5.cgi
17819 effortle 20 0 63928 1672 1056 S 0 0.0 0:00.00 sshd
17820 effortle 20 0 99.6m 2084 1368 S 0 0.0 0:00.01 bash
17826 effortle 20 0 18868 1164 944 R 0 0.0 0:00.02 top

Does that mean for process 9106 it’s taking 1 minute to run? A minute to do anything doesn’t sound great. Any other help deciphering this?

thanks @LakeRat, submitting a ticket after this.

@Ipstenu-DH, this is next in line for me. I just need something, anything to help me speed up these response times.

Pagespeed seems to be helping, I think. I also added that Lite Cache plugin which I mentioned in the previous post. I left Pagespeed to whatever its default settings are (didn’t add anything in .htaccess). Just waiting on confirmation from other users to make sure they see improved load times.