Slow Serving of TLS/Cert Credentials

For several weeks (using Chrome desktop) the address bar intermittently displays “Not Secure” and no padlock. Reloading the page resolves the padlock.

This is on a static site that PageSpeed rates pages very fast (96% to 100%.)

Mobile Chrome has not shown this discrepancy.

So either Desktop Chrome is exceedingly fast or Dreamhost has become slow serving the secure handshake credentials.

Anyone else notice this?

I haven’t seen this problem, but maybe it is server/site specific. Do any warnings or errors show up in Chrome’s Dev-Tools/Console? They might gives clues about what is happening.

Is it possible Chrome is bouncing between insecure HTTP and secure HTTPS for some reason? Maybe an issue with the site HTTP-to-HTTPS redirect rules (either DH’s built-in redirect or old .htaccess rules)?

No errors.

All indication points to my first impression that TLS handshake is slow at times, possibly due to a resource hog neighbor.

Any form of race condition should be impossible. Nothing should be accepted by the browser until the handshake has successfully completed and a secure line set when requests are sent to an https endpoint.

Does anything show up in the server logs? I.e. if you tail all the logs (tail -f ~/logs/*/*/*.log), do you see both the insecure and secure hits as you load and reload the site, or just one type? Example:

==> /home/user/logs/ <== - - [22/Aug/2021:12:00] "GET / HTTP/2.0" 200 ....

==> /home/user/logs/ <== - - [22/Aug/2021:12:01] "GET / HTTP/2.0" 200 ....

Thanks. I’ll have to wait until the next time it happens. It’s infrequent,

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