Slow servers?

I have been a dreamhost customer for a while. Up until the recent problems everything has gone smoothly.

Watching the blog and the status page I had assumed the problems were fixed but now I am seeing high uptimes and my pages take an excessive amount of time to load.

Now I am using roundcube for my email services and I do notice the php5 process will spike up to 10% but only momentarily. Is roundcube, using sqlite, that much of a drain on resources or is it something else?

I am on the server gap and I see load jumping up past 6 at times. It would be nice to have a post on the status page about servers experiencing high load times with regards to dynamic content.

Dan Kulinski

PS I enjoy using your service as it offers a wide availability of functionality. Your communication compared to other hosters is excellent.

This forum is mostly customer-to-customer (although dh employees will pop up from time to tim). If you want an official answer you should use the ticket system in the control panel.

I just installed roundcube also and yup, it’s slow as hell. dreamhost has been super slow with EVERYTHING for the last couple months. I am not a happy customer either.

Its dead slow :confused:
I have a max 25 KB/sec upload, and sometimes i cant even use all potential of that ultra-slow upload, it means that servers really are seriously slow.

This slow-servers issue is pretty infuriating. My sites are as slow as slow can get. At times over the last few days, they’ve been barely viewable, and working on them is nearly impossible.

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