Slow server response time on Dreampress

I’ve been using dreamhost for over a month, but because of some speed issues, I decided to upgrade my site to Dreampress. I was hoping that everything will be fine and great, but what I got was appalling. After really quick support from Dreamhost team, they stopped responding to me. My site didn’t speed up at all. You can tell that 10-12 seconds are pretty long and I lost most of my customers because of this problem. Today, I got into action and looked into the possible reasons of my slow website. I installed W3 cache, minify JS and a lot of other useful things to improve its speed. The results were promising. 6-7 second long page load time was amazing for until I compared my results with my friend on WpEngine. He showed me that his server time response was only 300ms, on the other hand mine was wobbling 3 seconds. Almost all the websites I’ve checked my website speed asked me to upgrade my server, but shouldn’t Dreampress be fast enough so that we won’t have to go to other “not optimized slow servers”?

My site is


I’ve had much the same experience with slower responses on DreamPress than on the Dreamhost shared service.’

And then yesterday, suddenly my site started giving 503 errors and since then has completely unusable. I’ve reported this twice to Dreamhost.

So far there has been no response at all from Dreamhost.

It would be nice if they at least said we are looking into it.

It’s sad that we both have the same problem hoping Dreampress would fix them. Unfortunately, I might have to consider changing my hosting because when I submitted a ticket, the only answer I’ve received was a link to the Dreampress wiki page. It’s kind of weird and low quality customer support, but I don’t know what I was expecting from them. Anyways, Dreampress was a really disappointment for me, memory limit stayed the same and I don’t have a better support and server quality than normal shared hosting.

Dreamhost have got back to me now and said they could not replicate the problem.

It does seem to working Now.

I did uncheck Extra Web Security this morning so that may have fixed it.
Or perhaps the 503 message had got stuck some where in a cache.

I have no tried disabling Extra Web Security yet on my site. I’m going to give that a shot, crosses fingers

I wish I was as lucky as you are. This is the speed test I conducted on a trusted website.
First Byte Time (back-end processing): 0/100
4861 ms First Byte Time
ms Target First Byte Time

As you can see, this is appalling and has nothing do with my website, but servers. I feel like I have to leave Dreampress as soon as possible since I hit 20 second page load speed. My users keep complaining me about this problem and I tried my best with all the plugins and methods. On my side, I got A on almost every category, but this First byte time makes it wait for so long.

I’m still in the same boat with you. My users are complaining with the same issue.

You won’t believe this, but I changed my hosting company. The result was IMPRESSIVE.
Page load time: 3.03s
Total page size: 1.55MB
Total number of requests: 115

My new hosting company shaved 6 seconds of loading time. In addition, Dreampress’ wiki link sending amazing support in the face of every single problem can’t compete with them.

I think you better consider changing yours.

Can you tell me who you went with? PM is OK.