Slow Response Times for Instance

Opened a ticket, but figured it might be worth starting a thread here too.

One of my instances all of a sudden started experiencing a ton of lag. When I ping its IP, I’m getting response times in the 800+ms range. So doing anything via ssh is excruciating.

Tried multiple restarts (hard/soft), shut downs, and verified that there is nothing using up resources (using htop, i’m seeing <1% cpu utilization and ~270MB/2G of ram usage).

Are there things we as Dreamcompute users can do on our end to try and troubleshoot/fix this, or is this a network issue that Dreamhost staff needs to handle?

There have been issues on US-East 1 in the past hours (see Which cluster is your instance on?

I’m at US-East 2 (According to my Dreamhost Panel at

There are no known issues at the moment on US-East 2, nor there have been visible issues in the past. It’s possible that the problem is quite limited. Since you already opened a ticket, the support team will get back to you with more details since they’re able to investigate more deeply.