Slow response and memory usage-any ideas?

I’ve been with DH since 1998 when I setup I’ve never had performance issues and I’ve gradually been adding domains and sub domains, mysql database etc with no problems (and been really happy). was a very busy site back in the late 90s and early 00s but I switched it to a static page in 2004. Have had other projects including SevernFM a radio station in Gloucester UK. I added the domain using Concrete 5 to my growing list in 2011 and all has been well - Until DH moved my shared accounts to barrow. Severn FM was taking a good 15 seconds+ to load and it took DH a good 3 days to respond and let me know that my mysql database and site we in different data centres and they were going to collocate them. This fix did improve things but all of my sites were slow - except the static ones. I’ve had some good advice from DH support and in the end I went for a VPS. I was gobsmacked at how much memory my (hobby sites as they are now) are using. 900Mb total memory when these are just really low traffic websites. If I reboot the server then the memory goes back to less than a 100Mb and gradually creeps up of over the next week.

Same thing is happening to me. The cached memory just keeps getting higher and higher until it reaches the limit, I get an email saying my server has been rebooted, and the cached memory gets reset.

Is it possible to move some of my domains back to a shared server and just keep the one domain on the VPS??

If you still have a shared account, sure.

I too am experiencing the same issues. The VPS limit keeps crashing and the monthly fees keep increasing. The statistics provided do not show or identify if memory useage is coming from a specific website or domain. The monthly fees are now increasing soon to over $50/month so we are trying to get justification as to why the exhorbitant increase in monthly fees.