Slow redirect


So, I am having trouble getting my wordpress site to load. (

Background: I originally had an iWeb site that I had created and had hosted by dreamhost. It had a bunch of pages and it did the typical iWeb thing where it installs to a subdomain (I think). I decided to switch over to WP and did the one-click install. Everything was working great, so I deleted the subdirectory for the iWeb ( site since I was ready to use just the WP site as my homepage.

This is when the problems began. When going to, obviously it wouldn’t redirect to the WP subdomain. I tried getting to redirect to but that took a lot of finagling. Even though I thought I deleted all of the old iWeb stuff, root wanted to redirect to the old iWeb subdomain. So, I recreated a new directory with the same name as the old iWeb subdomain and put in a home.html file with a redirect to the the wp subdomain. Then I edited the home.html and index.html file in root to redirect to the /wp subdomain.

It works, kinda, but is obviously really lame and slow. When it does work, it takes about a minute for to the wp subdomain page to load. Once I have visited the page once and it is in cache, then it loads just fine. I am guessing I need to delete some things and possibly add a .htaccess file (?). I am seriously lost and sadly reminded of why I didn’t make it as a computer science major, so any help would be great. Thanks in advance!

#2 goes to index.html then home.html and THEN wp.

I would actually do this:

And then the main domain works fine :slight_smile:


Thanks! I followed the directions and it seems to be fine now. The only thing I could not do was find the .htaccess file. I used Filezilla and showed hidden files, but I could not find it. I also removed the old index.html and home.html files from root. Is there an .htaccess file under another name? or does it not really matter? Thanks


I don’t see an .htaccess file anywhere in your directories either. From the WordPress instructions (Step 4):

Are you using permalinks?