Slow rails app on DH and problem with 1.1.2

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I found that apps that works well other else will crash randomly once in a while on dreamhost. I get stuff like 2344512512_boo function undefined. or simply “Rails application failed”. i just refresh the page, and it works on the next try.

I’m thinking it could be related with the fact that rails is running FastCGI in dymamic mode. which kills off our process. So I foung that thread that says to run wget in my crontab. and i do. maybe its better. but its quite not perfect.

look at how often my process is restarting (for a single website)

[sepulveda] ~$ tail -f www/
[07/May/2006:17:00:23 :: 23327] starting
[07/May/2006:17:00:27 :: 29241] starting
[07/May/2006:17:02:29 :: 32068] starting
[07/May/2006:17:06:30 :: 17130] starting
[07/May/2006:17:11:24 :: 26939] starting
[07/May/2006:17:16:35 :: 20247] starting
[07/May/2006:17:16:39 :: 22399] starting
[07/May/2006:17:16:45 :: 22754] starting
[07/May/2006:17:18:26 :: 8951] starting
[07/May/2006:17:22:36 :: 30090] starting

in 22 minutes, quite amazing eh ?

also, my app needs rails 1.1.2. so I installed my own gem repository inside my account. but when I use it, the FastCGI process does not start. while webrick run nicely.

anyone got an idea of my problem ?