Slow performance on gallery2

Hi, here is my album

At first, I thought the slow response time was due to the design of G2, but I installed it onto another server (not hosted by Dreamhost) and the speed was way more impressive.

Does DreamHost have slow mysql servers? Is that a well known fact? I might have to switch if there is the case, because the scripts I use are all mysql-driven.

show me the other site you installed it on

The other one was installed for performance testing purpose and was removed. If you are from tech support, I am willing to re-install and demonstrate the speed difference.

I just went through some old posts, and apparently, I am not the only person who experience this problem

no, I am not from tech support. but just wondering if it could be external routers you are going through to get to dreamhost. I, personally, have no issues with speed on any of my sites at dreamhost. I was just wondering if it was an external problem.

just curious

The performance is about the same for me. (

The reason I’m guessing is SQL server performance. 'Could be just how much cpu time is needed to process the new php scripts too though.

'Largely, gallery2 is simply slower then galery1.