Slow parse time

Hi all, I’ve been with Dreamhost for a few months now and have had an issue with the site loading. Have contacted support about this but they cannot see where the problem is.

The site is check out the parse times at the bottom.

I cloned the site to another host I’m with, you can find this here

If you’re like everyone else I have asked you will notice the parse times are significantly quicker for the cloned version. According to DH support the clone site loads slower, what results do you get?

The only difference in these setups is that the clone runs the MySQL database on localhost and the clone server is mediocre compared to DH’s hardware.

Is there anyone else running ZenCart on DH, what are your results, I’ve hacked it quite a bit so have very few queries compared to the default ZenCart setup?

I there is anymore information I can supply you with then please ask. Cheers.

DH version: Parse Time: 6.120 - Number of Queries: 44 - Query Time: 0.18121393052673
Cloned version: Parse Time: 0.670 - Number of Queries: 47 - Query Time: 0.16222679107666

Parse Time: 6.054 - Number of Queries: 44 - Query Time: 0.27377588572693

Clone: Parse Time: 0.667 - Number of Queries: 47 - Query Time: 0.16649132894897

DH: Parse Time: 5.558 - Number of Queries: 44 - Query Time: 0.45032814459229
Clone: Parse Time: 0.665 - Number of Queries: 47 - Query Time: 0.16422553869629

I have a default installation of Zen-cart on DH, with all the sample data, and the stats are Parse Time: 9.576 - Number of Queries: 846 - Query Time: 3.3993317477875

I didn’t notice that so many queries were used until now! :expressionless:

Cheers guys, I’ve asked quite a few people now, including the forum for ZenCart and they all get similar results. The only one differing result is from DH support, the cloned version loads slower for them.

absolut, I also installed a default installation of ZenCart on DH using a different database server and this produced similar results to what you have.

DH support have said: ‘Please understand that it’s really hard to troubleshoot a problem that we can’t reproduce.’

I’m stuck on what to do next, there’s probably no point in contacting support as the above statement basically says to me that they cannot fix it?