Slow page loading time?

I intended to move my site to DH, but it seems that the new testing site loads extremely slowly, around 10 sec (DH) compared to 1 sec in my previous host. Any idea how to speed it up?

You can see it live at (previous) (current testing site with DH)

The loading time can be seen at the page’s footer.

Well I guess there isn’t much you can do. Maybe your old host didn’t have many users per server? I don’t know, but you can’t prove stats wrong really…
DH might be having a tough day today. Have you tried it over a week and see what happens?

I’ve tried it for 5 days already, no improvement so far …

Well, to tell the truth, I had no big problem with the old host. It was only this “triple” sale that made me consider the move. However, this slow loading is unacceptable for me (10 sec loading the index even when I have broadband Internet). If it cannot improve in a few days I think I should reconsider my moving decision.

I’ve heard they are upgrading the servers so maybe wait a bit. They give you 90 days to try which is a lot longer than most providers.
Also, the script generation isn’t dependant on your internet speed I think, it’s more to do with the execution on the servers I think, so it would be a server problem.

FWIW (previous) Page rendered in 1.3560 seconds (current testing site with DH)
Page rendered in 5.0937 seconds and then Page rendered in 15.9245 seconds

Do not switch to DreamHost if you have this problem. I’m going through this right now.

Wow, that is a big difference.

Page rendered in 0.4353 seconds
Page rendered in 9.9198 seconds