Slow page loading in one browser and not another?

Hi again all

I’ve this simple app coding using php/mysql that works fine and dandy, except sometimes, users try and log in and it takes forever and times out.

Only happens when they’re using IE, my firefox works fine. I can’t tell them to get a real browser, so, does anybody know why would browser would choke on a page sometimes?

It’ll be a browser issue then. Server responces are very generic responces. If IE’s timing out, than IE isn’t liking something being returned and having a cow.

Sometimes it can be fixed server side, but you need to figure out exactly what’s causing the problem (local proxy with logs turned on). Or you can fondle with things on your site to see if you can “fix” IE.

Using any form of SSL stuff? I know IE has a cow on our intranet and it’s more SSL / IP resolution/routing crap IE does.

ya, our you could just ditch IE all togeather. That way you wouldn't have a problem in the first place. Just put up a little welcome page that says this page is best viewed in Mozilla, and let them click to enter. Websites allways used to be that way, with either Netscape or IE - why don't we revive it's popularity again with Mozilla products. :)