Slow or no mail?

Is anyone else on server ‘sack’ experiencing problems with mail being slow (or not working at all)? I sent half a dozen test messages to myself a few hours ago, one arrived instantly, another arrived 20 minutes later, but the rest? I do not know what has happened to them. :frowning:

  • marsbar

I am on ‘spork’ but I am having the same issue. :frowning:

mail also seems broken on lilac

I’m also on sack and it seems to work. I do however have another weird problem on sack’s webmail.


i am having trouble specifically with smtp. mail seems to be arriving promptly on smaug but anything i send is very delayed.

i access mail with pine… so it’s not a pop issue.

I’m seeing the same thing (host: frigga). Incoming messages are delivered quickly, however, outbound messages sent (using sendmail on the DH box) aren’t making it out to the world. I’ve experienced this several times since signing up with DH a couple of years ago; typically, DH support will point to a transient problem with their mail-routing “smarthost” ( I’d guess that’s what’s happening today.

I am receiving mail ok now (I think!). The test messages I sent to myself yesterday have finally arrived - ten hours later.
I hope mail is working for everyone else as well now.

  • marsbar

Same here (sack). Everything else at Dreamhost is working fine, but webmail is extremely slow/broken.

spork is very slow.

The TCP/IP connection was unexpectedly terminated by the server.
Protocol: IMAP
Port: 143

spork must be having problems. I sent myself some tests through it. I sent mail to another account (not on spork) and never got it…at least not yet…and sent to the account on spork…and have not received that one either. I did test to make sure other account is working fine…so something is wrong with Spork.