Slow on tonic

I am running an up-to-date Joomla install and it is very slow sometimes. I just ran uptime a few seconds ago and the load average read: 5.37 4.82 5.95

Sometimes, the loads are much higher.

Is this server being overloaded? Can I get moved to a different server? Is there something I can do to better optimize site? Should I run custom PHP install?

Those load averages most likely aren’t of your doing. Any load over 5 is a problem, and I’d notify Support that there’s a performance issue.


Are you sure that over 5 is a problem?

I was under the impression that load average is the sum of the load on all the cores. For example, my server (bruno) has four Xeon E5405, each of which has four cores. Therefore, as long as the load is under 16, the processors are not 100% utilized. Is this correct?

(Check the processors with something like grep “model name” /proc/cpuinfo)