Slow loading


My site seems to load quite slowly - I was told this was an issue with my server …any advice/comments?


had this same problem with my VPS node, taking 3 seconds to load instead of 1


Can’t always blame the hardware or the dreamhost network. It may be the way the page is designed.

Couple things to check: run the page thru and HTML validator such as:

Might run a tracert to see if there is a network slowdown somewhere.

Next get a copy of firebug and watch the page load in the “net” section. You might find out the slow page component is ads coming from somewhere else.

So rather that just complain my page is slow, do some of the initial investigation to try and pin down why, and/or give as the URL to the site so that we can. This is really too broad a question for anyone to answer at this point.


Thank you! BTW I wasn’t complaining - I was making an enquiry. I didn’t know what could be causing it. Will try what you say and send you the URL if I can’t fix it myself.


Sorry about that, I think it was the user that posted below you that triggered the tone of my reply, you original inquiry was phrased extremely well :wink:


no comment.


what the factor for network slowdown ??