Slow loading of website

It sometimes takes longer than a minute to connect to my WordPress dashboard page to work on my website. Connecting to the website itself does not seem to be the problem, but it is taking forever to connect to the administration page of the website (several minutes).

My website is (hosted by DreamHoast).

Any ideas about what is causing this or how to fix it?

Hello Whimsy,

Thank you for contacting us for help! I looked into your site - The webserver “headlinght” server load is low and is running smoothly - apache service looks great and there is nothing popping up in the server logs that looks out of the ordinary.

You may want to was a different browser or try the URL here and see if that helps. If you are still having the same issue please send our support team a ticket here and we’ll look into the issue further.

Matt C

Thanks for the quick reply. I am using the most current version of Firefox, and it is not slow to load other websites. I don’t believe that the problem is with the browser.

I am not familiar with, and so I am unsure about going that route.

Since the issue seems to be with the WordPress Dashboard, I may try posting a question on their forum.

[Also, I am sorry about the typo on “DreamHost” in my original post.] loads normally for me using Firefox 26.0.

I am still having trouble getting the WordPress Dashboard for my website to load. It is taking minutes–not seconds–to load. My website itself ( loads relatively quickly. The problem is with WP Dashboard. The problem is intermittent–sometimes the Dashboard will load in a reasonable time (seconds), but more often it takes forever.

I have sent a support forum request to WordPress about this. After suggesting that I disable plugins and themes, their most recent response points back to the DreamHost server:

The most recent time this occured was at approximately 8:55 AM Pacific Time today 1/11/14.

WP Dashboard would not load today, 8:20 AM Pacific 1/17/14, after waiting FIVE MINUTES.

I checked the server-side of things on our end, and load times are low on both web and MySQL. Your Apache service is running well too. I checked your logs and I don’t see anything at this time that would indicate an issue on our end.

When your site runs quickly and just your WordPress dash is slow, caching plugins will speed things up for non-logged in users, which is why you’ll usually get a discrepancy. After that, it’s probably a plugin being run on the dashboard.

I did some Googling as well and found this, just in case it’s helpful: