Slow loading and web-scrapping issues



I have added a new domain to my account which is, but the site load very slow both using my internet connection and a proxy site ( The index.html of my site is a very light static file, but it takes about 10 seconds to load the main page.

Could anyone take a look at this to see if this is normal? I’m not sure if this is an issue so i haven’t contacted the support team.

Oh, i just forgot one more thing. I currently use another hosting provider. Some days ago my cpanel shows extremely high CPU usage, then i check the visitor information and realize that an IP crawl/ scrap my site extensively (they crawled again and again the same few pages) for many thousands times per day. Should i enable the statistic feature in my dreamhost account to quickly prevent the same issue if it happens in the future?


Oh, why it is so fast now?? The mainpage load as fast as in my local computer

#3 doesn’t load at all for me.

I checked What’s My DNS? And it looks like you don’t have your DNS set up right.