Slow Load Times

We are in the process of moving our store front over here to Dream Host. We have had the domain running here for a couple months now with a static front page and a phpbb forum. The forum runs really fast so I thought we would try the store which is running Pinnacle Cart. Today I got the software installed no problem except when I tried to access the store front. It is so slow it’s not funny. The admin section runs very fast, the forums are still fast but the store front is slow. Also it has an .htaccess file but it is not there after I logout and back in via ftp. This cart runs Zend Optimizer. Here is the store and here is the admin page see how different the load times are. Now I know there is a big difference in what the admin page vs the store front page is loading but this is just way slow. When I am inside the admin area it still fly’s along with great speed. Any ideas out there on whats going on?

Warning: session_start() [function.session-start]: open(/var/www/vhosts/, O_RDWR) failed: No such file or directory (2) in /home/.anonkablender/user/ on line 80

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I was just messing around with it. Back to normal now, load time is still slow.

Loads fast for me mate (Australia).

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Thank you for checking my site. This problem is officially weird now. Check this out…I can surf my site’s static index page and phpbb forum just fine with great speed. Also as I stated in the first post my admin section of the store is very fast but the store front is not. We are talking a timed 30+ seconds to load/display anything. This morning I remembered a friend of mine has a website that I have a problem accessing. So I do a whois on his site and sure enough it’s hosted here on Dream Host. His site is a forum and it takes 5 minutes or more to load but just for me and nobody else!!! There is nothing unusual in the ping or tracert to Dream Host. Do you think my ISP has something to do with it? This is seriously going to slow down my building of this store.

That’s crazy :s

Can you access DH sites such as the DreamHost Blog and System Status fast?

How about Panel?

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Yes I can get to those fine. This forum is a bit slow but not bad. The DH panel is fine, blog, wiki all of them. Just and are the only sites that are slow for me. I even went down the DHSOTM and most of those work fine for me.

Ok it is definately something with my IP and Dream Host. My ISP looked on their end and there is nothing wrong there. Nothing in my browser/pc settings. I just tried it through a proxy server and the speed is fast.