Slow / Intermittent server response time

I manage a few wordpress sites on shared hosting and I’ve noticed that page loading can be intermittently slow (i.e. a page loads very quickly and then the next time takes a few seconds with a very noticeable delay before the browser even starts to update).

Running the blogs through google’s page speed analyzer confirms as I will get intermittent warnings to reduce server response time (varies from 0.6s to 2s). This happens on even light pages without many images and when the page is in the cache.

I’ve looked at and it hasn’t seemed to help.

Right now I’m running

php 5.4 fast cgi
wp supercache (mod_rewrite or php cache)
wp minify fix
genesis theme
a few other plugins (akismet/social media feather)

The sites are and

Any tips as to what I should look at to get loading times consistently fast?

Do you use w3total cache plugin and cloudflare cdn? This stuff can speedup your website.

Since you’re using the NON www versions of your site, make sure panel is set to match. It’s a weird thing, but it can and will force things around a bit faster.

WP Super Cache is the better choice for Shared hosting IMO.

I also put this in my .htaccess:

Hi Ipstenu, could you explain the part with the www versions?
I am also having response time issues with a website on shared hosting. The response time is usually between 0.8-2sec. Sometimes up to 5sec. I have now installed WP Super Cache and it’s improving the load times significantly, but a click on a not yet cached page is still painful.
Compression, etags and caching are set in .htaccess and I have set the ‘www’ to be removed in the control panel. The compression settings etc. made a small difference, but the removal of ‘www’ didn’t. Neither did enabling the ‘Page Speed Optimization’ checkbox.

To test the response time I have also created a WP install without any plugins on a subdomain. With about 0.7-1.5sec, the response time was slightly better than the main site, but for a ‘blank’ site I think that’s still very slow.

Not sure where to go from here. Are there any methods to detect possible bottlenecks?

Hi wp_options,

When you change the setting in the web panel to add or remove ‘www’, it changes that setting in the apache configuration on our web server. Ideally, your setting should match what you have in your WordPress settings for the URL, and that can help overall performance. Setting them opposite each other on the other hand, creates an infinite redirect loop.

The Page Speed Optimization option should be used with caution— while it does help speed up some sites, it can do the opposite for others, depending on any conflicting processes that might be in place. Also be wary of custom theme processes and outside elements that need to load with the site. Of course, the WordPress install and all themes and plugins should be kept up to date, and you might also try using PHP 5.5 or 5.6 to see if it improves things.

You can also make subtle improvements to your database tables in case any mysql queries are moving too slowly:

We have a few tips here for optimizing WP in general: (also includes a plug for our DreamPress service)

I also noticed the servers you’re currently using are in one of our west coast data centers; we’d be glad to offer you a move to one of our newer SSD servers in our east coast data center; both the upgraded drives and the shortened distance to you and your visitors should make a noticeable improvement. If you’re interested in that go ahead and submit a support ticket and we’ll get that started asap.

Hope this helps!

Thanks for the help, I’ll review the options over the next days.
The data center is on the east coast though. I should have mentioned the site that I am working on:
But thank you for your friendly offer to move the account. I’ll keep it in mind if I get into trouble with my other account :wink: