Slow ftp uploads

I’ve been hosting here at Dreamhost going on a year now. Whenever I want to upload stuff to my site, I use SFTP…The speed (or lack thereof) hasn’t really been a problem up until now as I was only uploading small files. But now, I am starting to upload larger files, and I notice that I cannot get more than 50 kb/s upload speed. I have tried it on two different networks, one being a 5000/1000 down/up cable modem, and the other being a full DS3. I was just wondering if this was the norm here? Or if I should bother support about it…haha. Thanks.

I’m assuming that you mean 50 KB/sec (bytes, not bits, right?).

I get around 80-120 KB/sec at around a 100 ms latency (or 600-960 kbs). My raw dreamhost speed tests are 5 kbs down, 4 kbs up. My raw connection here at work is 100 mbs symmetric, though I mostly don’t see more than 25-30 of that - dunno if it’s load or the proxy.

I have seen several people post with some concern about their 50 KB/s upload speeds.

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