Slow FTP upload speeds



I’ve been noticing that FTP upload speeds are insanely slow. It’s usually between 2 KB/s and “stalled”. Why is this?



This is due to something in the path between you and DreamHost, and typically your ISP is to blame. It could be hardware that doesn’t effect downloads significantly. Are you able to upload at higher speeds to other places? This is not a DH problem, I’ve never been limited by anything other than my connection speed. What sort of troubleshooting have you done? Have you tried uploading to your DH account from a computer on a different network connection?

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I noticed something like this the other day as well. In my case I just had to go into the other room and punch my brother in the solar plexus then ask him to limit his BitTorrent speeds.

Moral of the story: other programs can have dramatic effects upon your ul/dl speeds, even to the point where other programs can’t connect.


What DreamHost server are you on? I am on ‘Bixel’ and FTP uploads are always as fast as my connection allows.

To eliminate your computer system as a possible source of the problem, try uploading from another system to see if that resolves the problem.


In my case, it is usually my teenage daughter’s system causing problems, but since she is connected via wireless and the access point is right next to me, the solution is easy. :slight_smile:


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Tests with my server show average upload speeds of 184 KB/s.

However, when I upload files to my server space on Dreamhost, it starts at about 100KB/s, and then steadily drops down to an average of 60 KB/s. Annoying slow when I need to upload 40-90 MB files.

Is there anything I can do to increase my upload speeds? I’m using Transmit 3.5.3.


If you’re uploading multiple files instead of one big 90mb file you could use filezilla ftp client and do multiple transfers at the same time.


Unfortunately, they’re single files, of between 30-90 MB - photoshop files for pre-press.