Slow FTP upload speed in Windows Explorer?


For years I have used FireFTP as my go-to client. My average upload speed is over 2,000 kb/s, and a 100MB file is uploaded in about 40 seconds.

After using Dropbox for quite a while and having had problems staying under my 2GB limit, I decided I should try to use my Dreamhost Backup space in a similar desktop-accessible fashion. I’d like to have a desktop folder that will let me browse and drag-drop files just as one would with Dropbox.

However when I use Windows Explorer to access, the upload speeds I get are a fraction of what they should be. It is taking me 7+ minutes to upload the same 100MB file that takes mere seconds using FireFTP.

I also tried ExpanDrive (which integrates directly into Windows Explorer), and there too I get atrociously slow speeds. My average upload using ExpanDrive was only 250 kb/s.

As a final test to make sure FireFTP is not just some miracle-software, I tried SmartFTP which got me even faster speeds: over 3,000 kb/s.

So my question is, why are uploads speeds different from client to client? And more importantly, why are my Windows Explorer speeds so slow?

Thanks a lot guys!