Slow Flash Streaming

I have a Joomla! website with a lot of Flash 8 video sequences. Fairly recently, I and some of my visitors have noticed that the videos stop and stutter more than they used to. At times it is really impossible to play a clip.

For a while, I was blaming my DSL which I knew was having problems. But lately, I have been running line speed checks and the download rate is usually comfortable over 600 kbs and my videos are encoded to play at 512 kbs.

So have recently been running an uptime command on DH. This is what I got just now:
12:11:56 up 14 days, 11:10, 6 users, load average: 8.16, 7.81, 7.29

Am I mistaken in thinking that these are not bad loads? Am I running the right command?

You can see for yourself, if you like by comparing the clip on DH: (first clip)
and the same clip (probably with different Flash settings) on

I am running a Mac. When I use the Activity Monitor utility, I notice that Vimeo is sending data at about 84 KBS, while the DH stream is running at variable speeds sometimes almost stalling completely.

So what I also wonder is just how reasonable it is to expect the Flash to perform well as a file download rather than from a streaming server program (which I do not believe available on DH or at a reasonable cost).

Again, the problem has gotten worse in the last few weeks.

Any ideas?


Do you encounter the same problem to surf other sites? I mean if your connection is good, it may be due to the overload of DH server. it is possible that speed will vary in shared server.

But if this situation is getting worse, I’ll suggest you to send a ticket to DH support. They will check the server and probably move your site to another server IF it is due to the overload of the server.

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