Slow email forwarding?

I have had email forwarding (from domain email to gmail) set up for a number of years and I have notice in the past few months that there is a hour or two delay in forwarding emails from my domain to the setup email address.
It used to be near instantaneous but now it is much delayed (~ 1 hour or more)
Is there an issue with the mail server?
Has others noticed a slow down?

Same problem here ! Any help ?

Here’s what the support folks told me:

[quote]Thank you for contacting Dreamhost.

Gmail is rate limiting our forwards, unfortunately this is beyond our
control as this is done on their end.

If you have any other questions just let me know![/quote]

But why suddenly ? It was working fine.

I guess the support guy knows nothing about this.

I will try also.

It’s not just you. It’s happening to me to. Used to be no prob forwarding to Gmail, now it can take forever.

Only in the last 5 days or so.

What can we do ?

Same here. I even sent a test message this morning (6 hours ago now) to test my forward after reading this thread. Still haven’t received it.

Don’t forward outside dreamhost, or get a different mail provider and redirect your mx. Dreamhost mail S_cks and sadly they pretty much admit that. Promises have been made that it will improve in 2014 but I’ll believe it when i see it and not a minute before.

Used to be okay. Now, not so much.

No help it seems !

I’m having this problem as well. It’s not clear to me why Dreamhost is forwarding all of our spam to Google and letting them sort it out.

Moving to Google Apps is not an option for me, for a variety of reasons. I don’t want to pay for it for my entire family, and I want to keep my current Gmail database.

It would appear that the best solution is to transfer your domain registration somewhere other than Dreamhost. That’s not a decision I take lightly, as I’ve been a Dreamhost customer for 10 years. I suppose it was inevitable. I moved my main site off DH a few years ago.

Hello, Hover.

“Moving to Google Apps is not an option for me, for a variety of reasons. I don’t want to pay for it for my entire family, and I want to keep my current Gmail database.”

One thing you could do is enquire if anyone has a domain name which they don’t need any more and which is attached to a (grandfathered) free google apps account.

If they will sell this it to you for a nominal sum, then you can attach your actual domain name to the google apps account (either as a domain alias or as a linked domain).

Then the only ongoing cost would be to keep the grandfathered domain name registered (with a registrar that allows you to set DNS records for it, you would need to set MX records for the email and a CNAME record to authenticate ownership), about $10 per year.

As far as I know, the only shortcoming with this approach is that you can’t set a ‘catch-all’ email address for your actual domain name.

So I’ve been having this issue, apparently for a while - but only just recently identified it as the Gmail rate limiting issue.

I got the same boiler plate response from DreamHost on it that people were getting almost a year ago. This doesn’t give me high hopes for their ability or intention to do anything about it. Anybody have any more recent info? Interesting solutions?

Did anything ever come of this?

I have been having problems all year.

responses from dreamhost in response that i’ve received :

“Thanks for contacting us. It does not appear that the delays are
occurring on our end. These delays appear to be occurring on destination
server. Those should hopefully clear up soon. If you still have any other
questions let us know and we will continue to assist you further.”

"Thanks for contacting DreamHost support. I ran you header through an
analyzer, and got these results:

It looks like there was a delay in the Gmail server before it was sent
here. Sadly, there is nothing we can do about this, as we do not have
access to Gmail’s servers. You may want to ask the sender to contact
Gmail support.

Let us know if you have any further concerns,"

“We apologize for the mass response! There are currently 2 issues at the moment, which are causing email delays. The first one is a spike in incoming mail on your email cluster. This is only affecting some of the email servers and which is why some emails appear delayed, while others are not. Our admins are working diligently to clean this up and speed up the delivery process. The second issue is Google is rate-limiting us. Unfortunately all we can do at this time is to send the email once Google permits us to. Google does this from time to time, to see if a spike in sending mail is legitimate or not. Rest assured, our admins are working as quickly as possible to resolve the issue! If there is anything else you need help with, please let us know!”

what i could find on the web:!topic/gmail/ehs7CikSHHc

what should we / i do?