Slow dreampress

I’ve been suffering from a slow dreampress site for years. Always blaming a plethora of plugins. Recently we decided to completely redo our website with a minimal set of plugins: elementor pro, no real theme, and few other necessities. During the dev phase we were on our shared hosting site. What a refreshing experience as it was way snappier than the live site.

However, yesterday we launched live on dreampress and we’re back to a crawl. I don’t want to blame dreampress just yet, so I’m pouring over client side (chrome dev tools) and server side (query_monitor) measurement data. Our page generation time/TTFB is in the order of 7-15 seconds, with queries taking 1s of that. So, I’m trying to figure out where the bulk of time is spent.

Any ideas how to get some kind of breakdown?

First, WordPress is slow.

Reduce plugins

Reduce HTTP connections

Optimize images, reduce images

Then test with
It will show you your trouble points.

I hear you. WP is slow. But that slow? Plus I feel the shared hosting site that was running the exact same code was snappier than on dreampress, maybe not drastically. I’m also down to the essential plugins so pretty sure can’t go lower.

It’s taking anywhere from 5-10 seconds now to just generate the page before even the first byte goes out. So, it’s all on the server side. Reducing http and image size all comes after that and the client side page speed measurements can’t tell what’s going on on the server side. All I get from them is that it takes 5-10 seconds before the first byte (TTFB) which I’ve verified with query_monitor as well.

Was wondering if I could get some kind of profiling info on the server side.

I agree with you. Thank You for

I was facing same issue for my website and luckily due to image compression and cacheing plugin my problem is solved. I am also using the shared plan for my hosting.