Slow dreamhost panel

Is it just me or is the dreamhost panel rather slow overall. It just takes a long time to jump between screens. Some times during the day it’s a bit faster but overall i just feel that it takes ages to actually use it. Anyone else think the same thing…?

Yeah I’ve found it’s pretty slow today. I had hell trying to sign up for a plan.

They’ve been having problems with the panel. For status updates, go to They said it was fixed and it was substantially faster, but then it slowed back down a lot.

There are scads of people accessing the panel and they’re having DNS issues, which may be slowing it down.

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It’s been slow for the last 2 to 3 days and at the moment its a real pain

At this point, its pathetically slow. Maybe some new design in how its implemented should be thought of. Hint Hint DH.

Yeah, it’s always a bit slow for me since I’m on dialup but tonight it’s excruciating.

Do DH even read the forums… Would they pick up on this and see our comments…

Yes the panel is slow and as i just signed up i have yet to see the panel in full swing and also i see a lot of outages and things happening. Are things usually this unstable??? It’s a bit scarey but also strange because I have heard from a lot of people that DH rocks and is really good… now I second guess my desition to move here…

To instill some confidence back in you, yes, they are pretty good on the hosting. Its just lately, the web panel has been slow, and you caught it at the bad time. I wouldn’t be too worried about it, I’m sure they’ll fix it, it’s just a matter of when.

The panel was slower today and yesterday due to all the extra updates going on. That has been resolved now. As per the normal panel page load times we are currently working on panel optimizations. Are any of the different pages on the panel slower then the others? How do the load times compare between Home:Overview/Panel Domains:Manage/A particualr panel page you use alot?