SLOW databases STILL?

I posted about this a YEAR ago and even in that time, it still does not seem to be fixed.

Maybe something is going-on, but I don’t see any notices on the support page, so here I am to complain…

My STATIC page (2 words + 1 image) just took 17.24 seconds to load, hence my thinking that maybe there’s a problem, however…

Using the DH-provided Wordpress install, loading index.php took 32.374, 18.707, and 29.723 seconds!

Obviously, I would not be here if I was seeing the same issues on other sites (ie. slowness due to my ISP) so that is not an issue.

It’s not like I’m hosting Ebay or anything – I am just trying to load a lousy blog and it is taking forever. The problem seems to go-away during what I’d consider “off peak” hours and the database access is reasonable (although rarely “quick”), thus leading me to believe that the DB servers (or something in that chain) are completely over-loaded or broken/mis-configured somehow.

When will this issue be resolved? I’ve patiently been waiting for a year with very little DH use and now that I’m ready to actually do something with my site, there is still an issue that prevents reasonable use of the service. I’m using the DH-provided Wordpress, which should not contain bad databases or anything that has been offered as an excuse for the slowness in the past.

(Yes, I’m very annoyed with this, especially considering that I’m not the only one to be seeing this still according to searches on the forums).


Oh yeah - if interested, the site is for the static page and for the “hidden” stuff I’m working on.

[zorg]> uptime
15:47:38 up 25 days, 22:16, 1 user, load average: 0.89, 0.96, 0.88

I did a dig -x after pinging my DB server and got: “” although I don’t know if that’s a valid way to determine the DB actual hostname or not.

12 queries. 0.574 seconds

Umm. No problem here.

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Your blog reported just slightly over 1 sec. Which isn’t bad, since I don’t know exacly what external files are also being loaded. The google ads could slow down loading if they are having a problem. Did you try clearning the cache of your browser?
As for the name of the database, you will find that in your user control panel. Click on Goodies, then mysql. All of your databases are listed here.

I tried from a second completely different machine and got seconds to load the main index.php. Google ads on or off don’t seem to make any difference. Plus, the static page does not have any.

The WP “queries” thing always says less than 1 second, however, I think that’s once a connection to the DB is made, which is probably where the hang-up is happening.

I see the hostname for the DB in the control panel, but that is the “custom” name I provided and not the actual shared hostname. Much like how logging into takes me to zorg.

I guess if you guys are all seeing “normal” (~1 second TOTAL loading times) then perhaps it’s an issue somewhere on my ISP connection which is not affecting other sites somehow. However, even now, several hours later, when I hit reload (or try a new load) of, it just took over 20 seconds to completely load.


OK, with the new day, I’ve had some time to experiment with things a bit.

It appears that using IE has no problems with the delays (I normally use FireFox 1.5). I’ve also been seeing weird slowness going to today on both of my machines (although if I use https instead, it works fine).

I don’t know what is going-on, especially with both of my machines doing the same weird stuff suddenly at the same time, but only in FF. Anyone have any ideas? I’ve cleared my cache, cookies, uninstalled/reinstalled FF, etc. I don’t want to use IE for the usual reasons.


~ 1sec